10 Things A Surgeon Can’t Say Out Loud

1. What is that?
2. Does that part go here?
3. Oops.
4. What happens if I cut here?
5. Hmmhh, not sure if I can fit it all back in again.
6. Could you please google up this procedure?
7. Where is my lawyer’s contact details?
8. Who is this and what did I do to him?
9. Sure I’ll be home for dinner, honey.
10. I love herbal tea, scented candles and bubble baths.

4 thoughts on “10 Things A Surgeon Can’t Say Out Loud

      1. There are several reasons. First it is a fact that parathyroids are extremely hard to differentiate from surrounding tissue becasue of shape, consistency and colour. Secondly their positions are variable. Thirdly they can be intrathyroid (embedded within thyroid tissue, so not seen from outside). Fourthly, they can be infiltrated with cancer, or disease, that they have to be voluntarily removed. In thyroid surgery, recurrent laryngeal nerve and parathyroids are the structures which we find most challenging to find.


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