Otorhinolaryngological Christmas Carols

Merry Christmas! No doubt you have been singing a few carols this holiday season. What many do not realise is the fact that many of these carols are based on very sound ENT basic sciences and principles. The anatomy, pathology and the expertise around ENT surgery is well displayed and sung in these carols. So the next time you sing a Christmas carol, remember its ENT origins. Here’s a list:

“Angels We Have Heard on High” (Full title: “Angels we have heard on high, so now we can keep the volume on low”)

“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” (Actual title: “Hark! The herald angels gagged”)

“Silent Night” (Actual title: “Silent night when there are no batteries in hearing aids”)

“Do you Ear what I Ear?” (Thanks to @GregSmithMD)

“Jingle Bells Palsy” (Thanks to @GregSmithMD)

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” (Actual Title: “Rudolph has Rhinophyma”)

“Little EarDrummer Boy, parupapumpum…”

And there’s plenty of others. Let me know if you were singing them! Happy christmas!

2 thoughts on “Otorhinolaryngological Christmas Carols

  1. ent brisbane

    It’s a bit late to be responding to this post but I simply couldn’t let it hang out here on it’s own for the rest of eternity. It deserves a comment to accompany it. I’m sure you had a lovely Christmas with your wife and daughter and that’s how a doctor should celebrate Christmas, and every other day.

    1. Otorhinolarydoc

      Thanks very much for dropping in! Lovely to hear from you. See you at ASOHNS.

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