31 Days to Better Doctoring

photo-1I know, I know. It takes more than 31 days to be a better doctor. And yes, I know, it’s a stupid challenge, you’re too busy and you’ve got better things to do. And yes, I know, doctoring is way more complex than doing stuff like these.

Look, I just wanna have fun. I’ve decided to set myself 31 simple acts I can do daily during the month of January 2013 so I can fine tune my heart and head towards becoming a better doctor in 2013. I thought I might share these 31 Simple Acts with you and ask you to join me in this campaign. It’s like a group of friends doing random secret acts of kindness for others. No fame, no glory, no money. Just ordinary doctors intentionally tweaking a minor part of their day and upping the ante on positivity wherever we are working.

All of you good doctors out there are already doing these. I’ve learned these simple acts from you. I’m going to try to put those habits in place so I too can be a better doctor like you.

So every morning (Sydney time, Australian Eastern Standard Time) in the month of January, I’ll be tweeting a little challenge. Something simple we can do at some stage during the day to move towards better doctoring. It’s not going to be “Find a cure for cancer” or “Do a PhD”. It will be simple little acts of doctoring.

Remember, I wrote this for myself. You don’t have to do any of these. But yes, it will be nice to have friends do these together with me. It will be great to hear your story too.

7 thoughts on “31 Days to Better Doctoring

  1. Sara

    count me in 🙂 though I’m still a med-student and might not help a lot in this ..! yet I think this is wonderful idea I wanna be part of .. 🙂

  2. Otorhinolarydoc

    Sara, you’re not ‘just’ a med student or ‘still’ a med student. you can make a difference in the lives of the patients you meet or the doctors you interact with. see what this little challenge will do to you as a future doctor. thanks for dropping by.

  3. TTBA(v)JD

    I’m up for this. I’m currently finding my job challenging enough as it is, without extra challenges, but at the same time feel a clear need to improve my doctoring, so 31 challenges sounds like a good start.
    I just hope that a) they can be universally applied, and aren’t Australia specific (that is where you’re based?) and b) I can work out when to look for them on Twitter as I have no idea when that would be, UK time, and c) that I remember to do this. Maybe twitter has some kind of reminder system? I’ll be a day behind since we have 1st Jan off as a bank holiday.

    Anyway, looking forward to this.

    1. Otorhinolarydoc

      sweet! it will be simple and generic enough. thanks for dropping in. on twitter, no matter what time you are, check #betterdoctoring

  4. stichflamme

    What I always found to be very important is 30-second rule: Ask the patient how he is and let him talk. Mostly it’s more efficiant than going through a catalogue of questions and the patient feels more “heard” which may result in compliance

    1. Otorhinolarydoc


  5. Anonymous

    This is fantastic. Should consider converting it into a book or a ‘movement’. It would make a huge difference to to medical practice. “30 days to better doctoring” – maybe better than all large grant funded programs to make care more ‘patient-centered’.

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