Day1: Back to Basics

Write down in as few words as possible why you did medicine/surgery in the first place, and keep it somewhere visible. A post it note on the computer, a note on the iPhone home screen, a scribble on the dorsum of your hand, anywhere visible to you. You can even tweet it or change your twitter bio to it or update your facebook status with it. Why did I become a doctor? Why did I choose ___________(your specialty)? Fame, fortune, fashion, feeling, family, faith? Write anything down as long as you know that this is the big picture that will keep you staying the course when the going is rough. We get stressed because we tend to get lost in the details. Remind yourself of this big picture a few times today.

4 thoughts on “Day1: Back to Basics

  1. elyse garrett

    Like this!! I have been an OR nurse for over 30yrs! I’ve never been sure why or what it was about surgery that attracted me. I do know that from almost day 1, I was NOT cut out to do floor nursing. I attended a hospital-based, diploma program. I was the FIRST student nurse ever hired to work in the OR there! Maybe it was the immediate satisfaction of helping to make patient better.

    I will be sharing this with my co-workers…if that’s ok!

    1. Otorhinolarydoc

      That’s awesome to hear. I get that feeling too. There’s something truly satisfying when you’re in the operating theatre. You guys are the glue that holds theatre together and the engine that keeps us running. Feel free to share with anyone you like! Thanks for dropping by.

  2. TTBA(v)JD

    I’ll be honest I don’t think my reasoning woud be terribly encouraging. My current overworked state of mind probably influences this but it would basically be “because it seemed like a good idea at the time”.
    Or “because I wanted to do science and work with people, medicine seemed like a sensible option and everyone else seemed to think it was a very good plan”.
    This reasoning does not keep me staying the course.

    Apologies for bringing the discussion down… should keep my tired miserable self to myself and get some sleep!

    1. Otorhinolarydoc

      Thanks, I reckon you speak the mind of many doctors who happen to be where they are. There is a lot to love in medicine, though. One of the craziest jobs in the world. Consider yourself lucky that you can do with your job whatever you like. many doctors are type A personality with goals and targets. others arrive where they are through lots of little detours in life. and i reckon that’s great too.

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