Day 9: Be Quiet

Today might be a really hard challenge for some of us: be quiet. In your consultations today with patients, try and utilise silence as a tool. Make a real attempt today to leave moments of silence in your conversations. See what would happen if you held back and simply allow your patients to talk. Do not interrupt. Let them share. Perhaps, affirm them with a little “uh huh, right, ok, I hear you.” Or even simply repeat back to them the last thing they said. Let them go uninterrupted for as long as possible. It might feel like eternity, but I’m almost certain it will be less than 60 seconds before you might jump in to ask targeted questions. Relax, be quiet, and surprise yourself.

@DrMcInnisDIT Some patients just want an accurate diagnosis and a sympathetic ear more than an effective treatment. Listen.

One thought on “Day 9: Be Quiet

  1. TTBA(v)JD

    Admittedly I didn’t read this until after work today, but I did this, with a patient whose confusion causes word-finding difficulties, but it proved so worthwhile – listening for long enough, and perservering with listening, meant I found out what she wanted and was able to get it for her. I like all your suggestions, just need to remember to read them each day!

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