Day 30: Love your work

Someone said that the secret to happiness is not in doing what you love, but in loving what you do. As doctors, we are in such privileged positions. We get to practice our art and help others along the way. As medical students, we fell in love with medicine. But as we grew up in medicine, we get lost in the busyness, stresses and demands which are inevitable parts of a career. We get hypnotised by the temptation of money and fame. Along the way, we lost our love of medicine. We lost the reasons why we entered medicine in the first place. We lost the child-like awe and excitement that used to greet our days at the hospitals. We lost the inquisitive curiosity that used to fill our minds. We lost the love of medicine. No wonder many of us become quite sad, grumpy, cynical old doctors.

If there is one challenge in this whole 31 Days to Better Doctoring Challenge that I hope every doctor would do, it would be this: The challenge to love your work. The challenge to fall in love with medicine and surgery all over again. The challenge to infuse more enthusiasm and love into everything we do. The challenge to love what we do. I could almost guarantee that the more you love your work, the happier you would be and the better your work would be.

So today, I challenge you to fall in love all over again with your work.

3 thoughts on “Day 30: Love your work

  1. LauraAustralia1 (@LauraAustralia1)

    Thank you for this post as I have been going through a stage where my passion for my Pharmacy has been wavering. You are correct in that, as health professional we get so tied up in the stress, pressure, exhaustion and so on in regards to what is expected of health professionals. After I commenced working at St Vincents hospital as a ward pharmacist, my enthusiasm and Pharmacy mojo initially returned. However, due to the budget cuts, shortage of staff ( in my area, Pharmacy technicians, sick pharmacists on leave etc), I was running from one side of the ward to the other, working on 2 wards, running up and down the stairs, up and down the lifts to central pharmacy, pager going off non stop….I said to myself is this what it is going to be like? No time to check the drug charts, interview new patients, look things up to learn more about the diseases , the treatments and to chat with patients but only do the bare essentials due to restrictions? I am the person who needs to be thorough, check everything and want to know my patients but it ended up not being like this at all…as it was all rush, rush, rush…

    So I am in limbo at the moment, waiting for any Pharmacy work I can get ( quite disillusioned about this issue ) and I will take your advice. I will try to regain my passion, wanting to learn more, look things up… for Pharmacy when I work my 11 hours a week in the small community pharmacy.

    Thank you so much for this reminder

    Sincerely, Lara ( aka LauraAustralia1)

  2. Andy Glenn

    I’m going to sound like a cliche but I’ve always been told that if you find something you like to do, you’ll never work another day in your life. It’s certainly true for me.

  3. Niall

    Great post. Very true.

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