Crazy Socks for Docs

June 1st. #CrazySocks4Docs. But not just for Docs only. This day is for nurses, dentists, pharmacists, social workers, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitians, speech pathologists, audiologists, respiratory therapists, anaesthesia techs, paramedics, medical students, veterinarians and all other specialties that work in the health care industry for patients.   Doctors are dying by their own hands. The overall … More Crazy Socks for Docs

Restoring Hope and Humanity to Health Care

Episode 3: 3 Paradigm Shifts for Health Care. Where we are today in health care is the product of our contemporary society. The drive to modernisation and industrialisation is palpable. Clinicians after clinicians have detailed the despondency, despair and desperation they feel when their clinical work is suffocated by bureaucratic burdens from Health Administrators. Read … More Restoring Hope and Humanity to Health Care