Speaking Engagements


Surgeons and Social Media: How Surgeons Can Use Social Media to Enhance Patient Care. Workshop Podium Presentation at Canadian Society of Otolaryngology Annual General Meeting. Charlottetown, Canada, 12 June.

Chief Resident, Faculty & Speaker. Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency. Melbourne, Australia. 14 Nov.

Healthcare Professionals do not need Guidelines for Social Media use. Plenary speaker at Mayo Clinic Healthcare and Social Media Summit. Melbourne, 15-16 Nov.


Restoring Morale and Meaning to Modern Medicine. Invited speaker at QEII Hospital Grand Round. Brisbane, June.

How I do it – Social Media Basics. Invited speaker South Pacific ORL Forum. Honolulu, Hawaii. 9-12 July.

What to do with kids who can’t breathe. Invited speaker DFTB Acute Paediatric Conference. Brisbane 28-30 Aug.


Grace under Pressure. Invited Speaker: Auckland Head & Neck Cancer Group. 5 Feb.

A is for Airway. Speaker – Starship Paediatric Grand Round 9 Feb.

Noisy Breathers – What to do when ENT is not around. Invited Speaker at Auckland Starship Paediatric Forum. 8 March.

Living Well, Working Well – Mental Health at Work. Invited Speaker: Combined ANZCA & RACS Annual Scientific Congress Sydney, 7 May.

Broken Doctors, Broken Systems. Invited Plenary Speaker: Combined ANZCA & RACS Annual Scientific Congress Sydney, 11 May.

Mental Health and you. Invited Speaker: DFTB18 Acute Paediatric Medicine Conference. Melbourne, 28 August.

Paediatric Airway Course. Invited Faculty Member & Instructor. Brisbane, QLD 6th Sept.

Do all post tonsillectomy, supraglottoplasty and tracheostomy decannulation patients need to go to PICU? Podium Presentation. ANZSPO Conference, Newcastle NSW 9th Sept.

Conversations: Re-thinking Clinician Wellbeing. Invited Speaker: The Northern Health Grand Round. Melbourne, 13 September.

Engaging Collaborators Through Social Media. Invited Speaker: 3D Medical Conference. The Brain Centre, The University of Melbourne, 13 October.

Paediatric Acute Rhinosinusitis with Orbital and Cranial Complications. Oral Podium Presentation, NZSOHNS ASM, Queenstown, 19 Oct.

Your personal wellbeing and your surgical career. Invited Speaker. RACSTA Induction Conference, Melbourne 27 Oct.

Creative Careers in Medicine: Cultural Change and the Power of One. Invited Panelist. Melbourne Arts Centre. 8 Dec.


Burnout, Clinician Wellbeing & Keeping the Humanity in Healthcare. Speaker. RCH Grand Round. E Levi, J Munro, C Crock. 6 Feb.

Paediatric Tracheostomy. Speaker. Otolaryngology Nurses Workshop. Brisbane 20 March.

The Craniofacial Patient. Speaker. Paediatric Airway Course. Brisbane 21st March.

The Paediatric Airway Course: Dissection and Lecture Series. Faculty and Trainer. Brisbane 20-21 March.

Paediatric Neck Lumps. Plenary Speaker. The OHNS Nurses Conference. Brisbane 22 March.

Clinician Wellbeing and the New Age of Social Media. Plenary Speaker. The Australasian Urogynaecological Society Annual Scientific Meeting. Gold Coast 23 March.

Scalpel, Vegemite and Social Media. Plenary Speaker. ASOHNS ASM, Brisbane 24 March.

Flexible Nasoendoscopy Airway Workshop. Faculty & Trainer. SMACC Critical Care Conf, Sydney 26 March.

Presentations of Neck Masses in Children & Adults & Management of the Obstructed Airway. Lecturer. The Brian Pyman RVEEH Medical Student Lecture Series. Melbourne 30 March.

Managing the Paediatric Neck Lumps. Speaker. St.Vincent’s Private Hospital GP Education Night. Melbourne. 1 May.

Gorillas on the screen and elephants in the room. Speaker. RANZCR ASM QLD Branch. Brisbane. 15 June.

Doctors’ Wellbeing. Panelist. AMA QLD Junior Doctor Conference. Brisbane. 16 June.

Burnout – Work/Life Balance. Speaker. Queensland RACS ASM. Gold Coast. 13 July.

Paediatric Head & Neck Conditions. Speaker. Robert Guerin Memorial Trainees Conference. Melbourne. 28 July.

Interesting Cases in Paediatric Otolaryngology. Speaker. Robert Guerin Memorial Trainees Conference. Melbourne. 28 July.

Breaking the Burden of Burnout Between the Blood Brain Barrier. Speaker. Anaesthesia Department Clinical Review Meeting. RCH. Melbourne, 31 July.

Sharpening the Surgeon’s Self: Approaches to Managing Burnout in Surgery. Speaker. International Surgical Student Conference. Melbourne, 1st August.

Navigating the surgical journey. Speaker. St.Vincent’s Surgical Trainees Meeting. Melbourne, 2nd August.

How to treat Neck Lumps in Adults. Speaker. How to Treat Live – GP Conference by Australian Doctors. Melbourne Convention Centre, 31 Aug.

Burnout in Surgeons. Speaker. Australian & New Zealand Society of Paediatric Otorhinolaryngologists ASM. Sydney. September 7.

Are we tongue tied about tongue ties? Speaker. Australian & New Zealand Society of Paediatric Otorhinolaryngologists ASM. Sydney. September 7.

Social Media Panel. American Academy of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Meeting, Panelist. New Orleans. 17 September.

The Surgeon’s Wellbeing. Speaker. RACS Trainees Association Induction Conference. Melbourne October 26.

Surgeon Teacher Advocate. Speaker. RACS Section of Academic Surgery Conference. RACS Melbourne Nov 7th.


Managing Children with Asymmetrical Tonsils. Speaker. ASOHNS Sydney Virtual Conference. March 14th.

Flexible Nasoendoscopy. Speaker. The University of Melbourne MD Student Conference (Virtual). June 23rd.