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Courses, Conferences, Congress and Seminars Attended


Australian International Trauma Conference, Sydney 23-24 Feb.

CCrISP, Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patients Course, RACS 27-29 April.

ASSET, Australian and New Zealand Surgical Skills Education and Training Course, RACS 22-24 June.

FRACS Basic Surgical Sciences Course, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, 10 Sept – 12 October.

Vascular Surgery Workshop, Eastern Health, Victoria, 5 September.


Clinical Course in Acute Care Medicine, Eastern Health, Victoria, 18-20 Jan.

EMST, Early Management of Severe Trauma Course, RACS 22-24 Feb.

Postgraduate Course in Clinical Anatomy, Monash University, July-Oct.

RACS Victorian Annual General Scientific and Fellowship Meeting, Traralgon, VIC, 24-26 Oct.

FAST (Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma) Ultrasound Workshop, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney NSW, 13 Dec.


CLEAR, Critical Literature Evaluation and Research, RACS 6-7 March.

Laparoscopic Suturing and Knot Tying, RACS, 3 Feb.

Breast Cancer Registrar Seminar, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Melbourne

Teaching On The Go Clinical Teaching Workshop, Royal Children’s Hospital, 10, 24, 31 March, 7April.

RACS Annual Scientific Congress, Brisbane QLD 6-9 May.

EMSB, Emergency Management of Severe Burns, Melbourne 25 July 09

Provincial Surgeons of Australia Conference, Alice Springs, 29-31 July 2009

Victorian Annual General Scientific and Fellowship Meeting, Lorne VIC, 23-25 Oct 2009


Australian Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery Annual Scientific Conference, Sydney 27-31st March 2010.

Robert Guerin Memorial Annual ENT Registrar Conference, Adelaide 26-29 July 2010

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course, Perth WA

Temporal Bone Dissection Course, St.Vincent’s Sydney NSW


Facial Plastic Course, Regensburg Germany

Temporal Bone Dissection Course, Modbury SA

Laryngology Course, Melbourne VIC

Laryngeal Surgery and Laser Dissection, Melbourne VIC

ASOHNS Annual Conference, Melbourne VIC

Robert Guerin Memorial Annual ENT Registrar Conference, Brisbane QLD

Temporal Bone Dissection Course, St.Vincent’s Sydney NSW

Dysphagia and transnasal oesophagoscopy course, St.Vincent’s Sydney NSW

Society of Country ENT Surgeons Conference, Warrnambool VIC


Endoscopic Dacrocystorhinotomy Course, St.Vincent’s Sydney

ASOHNS Annual Conference, Adelaide SA

Transoral Robotic Course, Adelaide SA

Robert Guerin Memorial Annual ENT Registrar Conference, Perth WA

FESS Course Melbourne VIC

Temporal Bone dissection course Melbourne VIC

Australasian Rhinologic Society Conference Coollum QLD

Society of Country ENT Surgeons Conference Geelong VIC

International Federation of Head and Neck Oncology Conference Brisbane QLD


ASOHNS Annual Conference, Perth WA

Robert Guerin Memorial Annual ENT Registrar Conference, Sydney NSW

Sleep Surgery Course, Brisbane QLD


Otolaryngology Review Course. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Robert Guerin Memorial Annual ENT Registrar Conference, Melbourne VIC


ASOHNS Annual Conference Sydney NSW

ASOHNS Pre-conference Paediatric Training Day, Sydney NSW.

Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Conference, Toronto Ontario, Canada

Current Concepts in Head & Neck Surgery, Toronto Ontario, Canada

Mayo Clinic Social Media Residency, Jacksonville Florida, USA


World Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Canadian Society of Otolaryngology Annual Meeting, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Paediatric Airway Course, Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

Australian & New Zealand Society of Paediatric Otolaryngology Annual Meeting, Auckland, New Zealand.


ASOHNS Annual Conference Adelaide, South Australia.

South Pacific ORL Forum. Honolulu, Hawaii.

Don’t Forget the Bubble Acute Paediatric Conference. Brisbane, Queensland.

Lausanne Airway Reconstruction Course. Lausanne, Switzerland.   


Observership at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. May. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

RACS Annual Scientific Congress. May. Sydney, NSW.

Paediatric Airway Course. Sept. Brisbane, QLD.

ANZSPO Annual Meeting. Sept. Newcastle, NSW.

NZOHNS Annual Scientific Meeting ORL18. October. Queenstown, NZ.


Paediatric Airway Course, March, Brisbane QLD

ASOHNS 2019, March, Brisbane QLD.

SMACC: Social Media and Critical Care Conference, March, Sydney NSW.

Queensland RACS Annual State Meeting. Gold Coast. 13 July.

Australian & New Zealand Society of Paediatric Otorhinolaryngologists ASM. Sydney. September 6-8.

Sialendoscopy Course. 14 September. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

American Academy Of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Annual Scientific Congress. 15-18 September. New Orleans, Lousiana, USA.


Virtual Conferences and Meetings:

ASOHNS Annual Scientific Meeting, March.

Preparation for Practice. RACS various dates July – August.

Short Course in Clinical Human Factors, Monash University, April.

American Academy of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Meeting, Sept.

ANZSPO Annual Meeting, Sept

Australasian Sleep Association Sleep Conference, October.


RACS Annual Scientific Congress, May.

ANZ Head & Neck Cancer Society Annual Meeting. Aug.

University of Iowa International Endoscopic and Open Airway Course. Aug.



European Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology Congress. Nov.


International Adult Airway Symposium. Csurgeries Virtual Conf. 4-5 Feb.

Don’t Forget The Bubble Neonates Course. Virtual 6-7 Feb.

Developing a Career in Academic Surgery, Brisbane 2 May.

RACS Annual Scientific Congress, Brisbane 3-4 May.

ASOHNS Annual Scientific Meeting, Adelaide, 10-12 June.

ANZSPO Annual Scientific Meeting, Queenstown, 30 Sept – 2 Oct.


International Federation of Otorhinolaryngological Societies Congress. Dubai UAE 17-21 Jan.

Paediatric Airway Course, Brisbane 8-9 March.

15th Asia-Oceania ORL-HNS Congress, Brisbane 10-12 March.

Paediatric Vocal Cord Palsy, British Laryngological Association, 21st April.

Paediatric Thyroid Seminar, ANZ Society of Paediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes, 22 May.

ANZSPO Annual Scientific Meeting Fiji 13-16 June.

Laryngology Society Australia Congress, Sydney 11-12 Nov.


International Network of Pediatric Airway Teams, Santiago, Chile, 21-22 March.

International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies World Congress, Madrid, Spain, 7-10 May.

European Academy of Childhood Disability Annual Meeting, Bruges, Belgium, 29 May – 1 June