Be Kind

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This pandemic is changing the world and changing us. This coronavirus has slowed us down and taught us to live differently, to live carefully. Live CARE-full-ly.

Things I do NOT miss: meetings, KPI, goals, budgets, admin, shopping, competition, keeping up with the Joneses, parties, conferences, presentations.

Things I miss: people, people, people.

Online telehealth clinics have taught me that my facial expression matters and words are precious.

Virtual meetings have taught me that we can communicate with less words.

Having completely zero social events on the calendar taught me the good and bad of just simply being with family.

Having no new fancy restaurants to visit taught me that the family dinner table is the most important engagement of love and sharing.

I feel that the rhythm of the planet has slowed down and finally my body and mind are in tune again. No more running to places. No more hurry. No more rushing.

I am still committed to my patients and my team. Whenever my team is on the forward line operating on virus-laden oronasopharyngeal mucosa, I am fully committed to the wellbeing of the patient and the safety of my crew. The intensity of focus at work is balanced by the solitude of rest at home. We are all in this together.

How is this pandemic changing you?