Day 12: Family First

I love the TV series ‘Modern Family’. Despite their quirkiness and dysfunctionality, they always put the Family First. As doctors, I suspect our families play a huge part in allowing us to be where we are today. All the missed birthdays, dinners, school concerts, holidays because of our work. We come from various different family backgrounds. There has never been a perfect family. You may have been well supported by your family through your medical training, but you may also have faced many challenges from your family and you’ve become who you are despite your family backgrounds. When you think of your family, some may think of love and acceptance, while others think of hurt and pain. My heart goes out to you. Today, no matter what your family looks like spend some time thinking about them. Today may be a time to write that letter of thanks and love. Today may also be the time to write that painful email asking for forgiveness. Today may be a day of joy and celebration, or tears and reconciliation. A phone call, an email, a letter, a card, a coffee date, a meet up at the park may just turn this day into a memorable one for you and your family. When you are able to celebrate the gift that is a family in all its shape and form, you will be better able to appreciate your role in supporting your patients and encouraging their families. Accepting your family is a great step to understanding and supporting your patients and their families.

I wish you courage today to do what your heart is urging you to do.