Day 17: Drop Distractions

The modern world is a world full of distractions. Relentless TV ads, phone interruptions, mobile notifications, pagers, emails, etc all crowd our minds. Sometimes with good things, often times with unnecessary distractions. When you look through your day, are there distractions that take you away from the job at hand? Sometimes, those distractions are dangerous, such as distractions when you’re operating or writing a drug chart. Mostly, though, these distractions are simply time thieves. They take a little here, a little there, and before you know it, you’ve wasted your time on TV, radio, google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, magazines, etc.

Think about what distracts you and steals your precious time and see if you can drop them today so that you can be a more focused and efficient doctor. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Newspaper, TV, radio, emails, video games, on line shopping, gossiping, etc. All of these are not evil in themselves, but they are potential time thieves and distractors. Before you can do great things, there must be things you cannot do.