Day 21: I dreamed a dream

Do you have a dream? Have you got a picture of how your doctoring would look in the future? What kind of achievements? What superspecialty? What specific things you’d like to be remembered for? What your clinic would look like? What your hospital would look like? What health care in your country would look like? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each of us doctors could dream of a better hospital, a better health care system? Well, why not? Why don’t you put down on a piece of paper what your ideal health care system and facility would look like. Just play with me and imagine. Dream of that ideal hospital, ideal policies, ideal access for patients, etc. Put it down on paper, or iPhone or iPad. Let that dream simmer in our mind for a few days. If that idea has taken hold of you, take a step further and plan how you can help turn that dream into a reality through specific strategies. Good luck.