Day 3 Communicate clearly

It is well known that doctors are not usually great communicators verbally, and even worse at the written form of communication. I know, I know. Writing is hard for us doctors. But 10-year-olds can do it, so it shouldn’t be that hard. I’ve been asked many times to decipher some doctor’s writings, and it’s difficult. Messages get lost, orders get misinterpreted, and much time is wasted on clarifying information. Much of medical errors in hospitals often occur at the communication level, both verbal and written. Since communication is essential in team work and patient care, as doctors, we should respect our colleagues and patients by making an intentional effort to communicate clearly, both in verbal and written form. Progress notes, operation records and request slips are places where we can better our writing. Ward rounds, emergency departments and multidisciplinary team meetings are places where we can sharpen our verbal skills. Work hard today to be succinct, legible and clear.

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