Day 4: Please explain

‘Doctor’ came from the latin word ‘docero’, which means ‘Teacher’. Our primary duty is to teach. But teaching has been much excluded from our day-to-day activities. Patients, sadly, have told me several times, “You’re the first doctor who has ever explained that to me.” So today, make an intentional effort to explain things to patients clearly. Explain the disease, the investigations and the solutions. Explain the plans and expected outcome, good or bad. Draw pictures! Patients love drawings and would want to keep your artistic masterpiece. A simple explanation goes a long way in alleviating much of patient anxiety. Your explanation may be the key to patient satisfaction and patient confidence in you.

@Snakes_N_Arrows Be direct and honest with patients. Look them in the eye & tell them what unhealthy habits need change AND how you’ll help.

@terpkristin I wish my surgeons would TALK to me more, lay out options and real recovery expectations. Very unprepared for my L4-S1 fuse