The Joy of Otolaryngology

Patients make me smile. Operations make me happy. These are some of the procedures that I’ve done that I thoroughly, completely, utterly loved and enjoyed. There’s a few I don’t do anymore because I’m not allowed to be greedy, but I still dream about them when I go to sleep.

Rhinoplasty, open craniofacial resection, orbital exenteration, maxillectomy, mandibulectomy, glossectomy, laryngectomy, laryngopharyngectomy, nasal reconstruction, neck dissection, microvascular reconstruction, split calvarial graft, paramedian forehead flap, supraclavicular flap, submental island flap, radial free forearm flap, rhinoplasty, anterolateral thigh flap, free fibula flap, scapula flap, endoscopic transnasal pituitary resection, endoscopic craniofacial resection, temporal bone resection, parotidectomy, thyroidectomy, rhinoplasty, mastoidectomy, tympanoplasty, ossiculoplasty, stapedectomy, labyrinthectomy, cochlear implantation, bone anchored hearing aid, grommets, facial nerve rerouting, atticotomy, endoscopic myringoplasty, canalplasty, exostosis drillout, otoplasty, cosmetic rhinoplasty, facelift, neck lift, blepharoplasty, nerve graft, CSF leak repair, cranioplasty, endoscopic sinus surgery, open ethmoidectomy, sphenopalatine artery ligation, laser phonomicrosurgery, vocal cord augmentation, transoral robotic surgery, transoral laser microsurgery, laser laryngectomy, rhinoplasty, thyroplasty, laryngotracheal reconstruction, cricoid augmentation, slide tracheoplasty, cricotracheal resection, laryngeal cleft repair, aryepiglottoplasty, microlaryngoscopy, bronchoscopy, skull base resection, carotid body tumour, carotid artery ligation, internal jugular vein harvest, facial reanimation, rhinoplasty. 

Have I missed anything?