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Day 14: No Whining

No whining. No whinging. No complaints. No negativities. No bulldust.

Can we try that for one day? The hospitals and work environments are toxic already in itself, we don’t need to add more fuel to the pressure cooker. Do not respond to any ‘bitching about’, ‘yakking’ or negative comments.… Read more

Day 13: Find a Hero

Go find a hero. We humans are natural at secretly wanting to be like someone else. We have a natural tendency to emulate something good we see in others, or for that matter, something bad. We idolise, we copy, we mimic.… Read more

Day 12: Family First

I love the TV series ‘Modern Family’. Despite their quirkiness and dysfunctionality, they always put the Family First. As doctors, I suspect our families play a huge part in allowing us to be where we are today. All the missed birthdays, dinners, school concerts, holidays because of our work.… Read more

Day 11: Smile a little more

Friday! Lots of reasons for you to smile. I suspect this may be honestly quite hard for many of us hardened doctors and intense type A narcissistic surgeons. Try it. Smile a little more than usual. You don’t have to be weirdly happy like you were taking excessive happy pills.… Read more

Day 10: Do someone else’s job

I’m serious. Have a look around the ward, the clinic or your operating theatre. Each person you work with are highly trained in what they do. Each of your colleagues are treasures of knowledge, experience and skills. Today, pick up a new skill, or refresh yourself on an old skill.… Read more

Day 9: Be Quiet

Today might be a really hard challenge for some of us: be quiet. In your consultations today with patients, try and utilise silence as a tool. Make a real attempt today to leave moments of silence in your conversations. See what would happen if you held back and simply allow your patients to talk.… Read more

Day 8: Thank a nurse

The original title was meant to be “Touch a nurse”, but as a surgeon, it is not appropriate for me to suggest that doctors should be touching nurses willy-nilly. So, instead, go thank a nurse. Thank one of your hardest working colleagues.… Read more

Day 7: Touch your patients

I can’t say it any better than this.

Patients come to the clinic and operating table expecting to be touched, clinically, humanly, and emotionally. It goes beyond the routines of physical examination. The touch on the hand, the squeeze on the shoulder, the hand on the back as they walk, all work towards providing hope, encouragement and comfort.… Read more

Day 6: Toss Technology

For a few hours today (or all day if possible), switch off all technology and be with your friends and family. Yes, turn off the iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad Mini, Samsung, Laptop, TV, radio, DVD, Nintendo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Disconnect from technology and be physically and mentally present with your friends and family.… Read more

Day 5: Learn Something Else

Saturday. Most of us are not seeing patients today. Grab this opportunity today to learn something that is totally unrelated to medicine and surgery. Then tell someone what you’ve learned. Pick up a book on whales. Google up how to make origami.… Read more