Teaching is a privilege


Teaching a privilege and an honour I hold deeply. I honestly believe we don’t do it well enough in Medicine. The didactic chalkboards and whiteboards have been replaced by the projector and millions of PowerPoint slides with the primary effect of numbing the brain.… Read more

Surgeons vs Anaesthetists Debate

RCH Surgeons vs Anaesthetists Debate:

Actions speak louder than words.


Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. A very good evening to our esteemed judges.  It is an absolute honour to be here with you representing the surgical community. It is my promise that we 3 surgeons will continue to be here to support you the anaesthetists when you lose tonight.… Read more

Put on your mask first

img_5545-1Article published on Surgical News, a publication of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Vol 19 No.10, Nov-Dec 2018.

As frequent flyers, many of us will be able to recite the safety briefing routinely broadcast at the start of every flight.… Read more

Big Weekend

Boys Big Weekend!

My son is turning 10 this week and we’ve decided that we need to do the big talk. You know, adult topics he will have already been exposed to during his school conversations.

I can’t leave it to chance.… Read more