World Head and Neck Cancer Day 2017

July 27th is World Head & Neck Cancer Day. 

What is a Head & Neck Cancer? Head & Neck Cancer is a diverse group of cancers that can arise from anywhere above the collar bones and outside the brain. They can occur from the skin, glands, soft tissue or the aerodigestive tract of the head & neck.… Read more

Crazy Socks for Student Docs

I was between operating theatres and juggling a couple of emergency cases today. I was invited to speak to a group of Medical Students about #crazysocks4docs and #mentalhealth for docs. In the flurry of the moment-to-moment medical madness I had to formulate a few thoughts to share.… Read more

Crazy Socks for Docs

June 1st. #CrazySocks4Docs. But not just for Docs only. This day is for nurses, dentists, pharmacists, social workers, physiotherapists, psychologists, dietitians, speech pathologists, audiologists, respiratory therapists, anaesthesia techs, paramedics, medical students, veterinarians and all other specialties that work in the health care industry for patients.… Read more

Restoring Hope and Humanity to Health Care

Episode 3:

3 Paradigm Shifts for Health Care.

Where we are today in health care is the product of our contemporary society. The drive to modernisation and industrialisation is palpable. Clinicians after clinicians have detailed the despondency, despair and desperation they feel when their clinical work is suffocated by bureaucratic burdens from Health Administrators.… Read more

The Dark Side of Doctoring

Episode 1. I’m a surgeon. I’d like to think that I’m resilient and well adjusted, having gone through medical school and rigorous surgical training. I’ve been a doctor for 13 years and much of that period has been spent training to be as good a surgeon as I could ever be.… Read more

The Joy of Otolaryngology

Patients make me smile. Operations make me happy. These are some of the procedures that I’ve done that I thoroughly, completely, utterly loved and enjoyed. There’s a few I don’t do anymore because I’m not allowed to be greedy, but I still dream about them when I go to sleep.… Read more